Concept Management

Removing Uncertainties
Creating Speed


Our service helps you to

  • Reduce development and implementation cost
  • Achieve faster implementation of new market demands
  • Establish clear relationships among organization, process and IS/IT
  • Standardize to optimal levels
  • Evolve your concept over time

Service Description

Our service Concept Management will remove obstacles for slow Service and Supply Chain development and implementation by designing concepts and processes that will fit your business needs and your organization. Efficient concepts managed well will increase your success rate for implementing standards and adapting to fast changes. Our service starts with identifying your targets of your concept. It includes concept definition and documentation and how it shall be managed through well defined processes. We will guide you in your decision on how far the standardization shall go. Concept success analysis will be done to secure a concept that can evolve over time and be managed and controlled by yourself, securing your strategic direction.