RFQ Management

Speed up Selection
Secure Performance and Cost


Our service helps you to

Execute faster selection and implementation of suppliers
Secure correct and timely information to all parties
Define clear decision criteria
Faster collection and compilation of answers
Fact based decisions

Service Description

Our service RFQ Management supports you from the day you decide to run a Request For Quotation (RFQ) until the new supplier is "up and running" according to your requirements. With current cost and performance measurements in mind, we support you in defining clear and specific decision criteria. A selection strategy is formed together with a communication plan. As independent driver of the RFQ, we can secure correct information to all parties in a timely manner, and that the selection strategy is followed. We will compile and structure all the information from the potential suppliers for you to make a fact based decision. After selecting a supplier we will follow up on performance and cost to secure contract fulfillment.