Supply Chain Mapping

Your Supply Chain
A Competitive Advantage


Our service helps you to

  • Create a common view of your Supply Chain
  • Clarify responsibilities and relationships
  • Identify non-conformances
  • Communicate corporate standards and document local adaptations
  • Manage different stages of Supply Chain Implementation

Service Description

Our service Supply Chain Mapping will give you a clear and consistent view of your Supply Chain and the different stages of its implementation. We will map the different parts of your Supply Chain from both wanted and actual position. The mapping result will be documented according to your own or our templates and to the level of detail that is requested by you. Normal layers are physical flows, inventory and order flows but can get as detailed as measurement points, escalation paths, IS/IT environment and New Product Introduction. A gap analysis could be done to identify gaps between wanted and actual position where obstacles will be identified and a way forward is proposed.